StarGazer Productions

Audio, Video, and MIDI Recording Facility

Images of StarGazer Productions are at the bottom of the page.

Note: Our extensive Microphone collection has taken many years to put together, and we do not rent the mics. Please do not ask. Thank You.

Studio Equipment

Mixing Consoles

M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Automated Console
Alesis Studio 32 - 16/4/2 Recording Console
Behringer MX-2004 Mixing Console


Recording Equipment

Fostex 280 Multitrack Recording Unit
PC Based Recording System using Cakewalk SONAR, Sony Sound Forge, Acid, Cubase, MidiQuest 8.0, Howling Dog Power Chords Pro, and other software


Studio Monitoring Equipment

Alesis RA-100 Monitor Amplifier
Alesis RA-500 Monitor Amplifier
Alesis Monitor One Near Field Studio Monitors
Event 20/20 Near Field Studio Monitors
Event Tria Multimedia Monitors with Subwoofer



Crumar Orchestrator String Synth
Kawai K-3 Synthesizer
Korg Poly-800 Synthesizer 
Korg Poly-800 Synthesizer #2
Korg M-1 Synthesizer


Sound Modules

360 Systems MidiBass Bass Module
Alesis D4 Drum Module
Alesis QSR Synthesizer Module #1
Alesis QSR Synthesizer Module #2
Alesis S4 Plus Piano Synthesizer Module
Kawai K3m Synthesizer Module
Korg M1R-EX Synthesizer Module
Korg M1R Synthesizer Module
Korg M3R Synthesizer Module
Korg EX-800 Synthesizer Module
Korg DDD1 Drum Module
Kurzweil 1000GX Synthesizer Module
Oberheim Matrix 1000 Synthesizer Module
Oberheim Matrix 6R Synthesizer Module
Peavey DPM-V3 Synthesizer Module
Roland SC-33 Synthesizer Module
Yamaha FB01 Synthesizer Module


MIDI Controllers

Roland SPD-8 Drum Controller Pad
Shadow SH-075 MIDI Guitar Controller
Alesis Pro Drum Controller Pad Kit


MIDI Interfaces

M-Audio MidiSport 2X2 USB
M-Audio MidiSport 8X8 USB
Steinberg Midex 8


MIDI Patchbays

Yamaha MJC-8
Yamaha MJC-8 #2


Audio Processors

Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor
Alesis MidiVerb III MultiEffects Processor
ART MultiVerb II MultiEffects Processor
Behringer Composer Audio Interactive Dynamics Processor
Boss RPS-10 Digital Delay
Digitech DSP128 MultiEffects Processor
Digitech GSP-2101 Studio Tube Pre-Amp Processor
Digitech Vocalist II Vocal Processor/ Harmonizer
Line 6 POD
Yamaha REV-100 Digital Effects Processor


Audio Patchbays

Fostex 3013 Patchbay
Furman PB40 Patchbay
ProCo PM148 Patchbay
Ross 16 Channel Stereo Patchbay



A Bunch

Photos of StarGazer Studios

In the Photo above

On the top shelf we have a Korg EX-800 - Tascam 102 Cassette Deck - Alesis RA-100 Reference Amplifier - Event 20/20 Monitors - Event Tria Monitors - On the 2nd Shelf  is a 17" Monitor, a 21" Monitor, and a 20" Monitor - In the Left Lower Rack is a Boss RPS-10 Pitch Shifter / Delay and a Presonus Blue Tube Mic PreAmplifier - In the Right Lower Rack, we have a Furman PB-40 Patchbay, and a ProCo PM148 Patchbay - On the table is an Alesis Studio 32 Mixing Console - Line 6 POD - Korg DDD1 Drum Machine - Korg DDM110 Drum Machine - 3 Keyboards and Mice

In the Effects Rack above, On top is a Roland SC-33 Synth Module and one of my fans. In the Rack, we have a Digitech GSP2101 Guitar Preamp and processor, an Alesis MidiVerb III, a Digitech Vocalist II, an ART MultiVerb II, a Digitech DSP128, a Yamaha REV100, a Yamaha MJC8, an Alesis 3630 Stereo Compressor, a Behringer Autocom, a Kahler Human Clock,. and a Fostex 3013 Patchbay

In this photo, we have a Minimoog (note the clear mod and bend wheels) -  an ARP Odyssey (non PPC) - Korg Poly 800 - Emu Emulator II - the lonely Mac dedicated to the Emulator II - the Roland SPD-8 - Drum Trigger pads - DOD RM1220 Mixer - and on its side and not working right now, the Octave Cat

The keyboard stack - On top is the Oberheim OB-8, below that is the Kawai K3, then the Sequential Circuits Prophet 600, and at the bottom, my main controller, a Korg M1. And the clock is a IAFF Clock, (International Association of Fire Fighters)

In the photo above, the top rack box, on top is a KMX MIDI Central, then from the top inside the rack is a Mackie 1402VLZ Mixer, Yamaha FB-01 Sound Module, Korg M3R, Alesis S4 Plus Piano, Alesis QSR, Alesis D4, MOTU PC MIDI Express, MOTU MIDI Express Notebook, MOTU MIDI Express XT. Power Distribution RackBox 

Above is the lower rack box. In it, from the top. is a Mackie 1202 Mixer. Yamaha MJC8, Oberheim DPX-1 #1, Oberheim DPX-1 #2, Ensoniq Mirage Rack, Oberheim Matrix 6R, Kurzweil 1000 SX, Kurzweil 1000 AX+, Peavey DPM-V3, and a Roland MKS-20.

The photoabove is the guitar shelf, the Ovation Guitar shelf, but I could not fit all of my Ovations on the shelf. Oh Well... - Also the AH Labcoat

The Guitar Patch - In front are a 1999 Ovation Collectors Edition, and a 2000 Ovation Collectors Edition. In the back are a 1958 Les Paul TV Special, a Strat, a Cortez Archtop (Sweeeeet), and a Danelectro Longhorn Acoustic. Way in the back is a Prophet Remote and in the corner, more Ovations.

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